GOLFTEC: Achieve that Swing Change with a Practice Structure

Implementing a swing change.

Implementing a swing change is easier than you’d think – it all comes down to a practice structure.

By GOLFTEC Digital 

Our swings need a tune up from time to time. A person on the golf course implementing a swing change.

We can spend much needed time and effort in the bay with our GOLFTEC Coach to really nail what needs to be tweaked.

However, the real challenge is talking that information and actually implementing that swing change outside of the comfort of our local GOLFTEC.

One of the easiest ways to break this barrier of bay and course, is by hitting the driving range. But rather than having a mindless ball-hacking session, the best way to really dive into the great instruction your GOLFTEC Coach provided you with is through a structured practice plan.

This practice plan is nothing extensive or something that requires a lot of pre-planning. It basically boils down to a basket of range balls, compartmentalizing your swing and staying focused.

In the video below, GOLFTEC’s Patrick Nuber explains how building a basic practice structure will help produce a productive practice session while implementing a change.

VIDEO: Practice Structure – Implementing a Change

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