Castle Pines Golf Club

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“Castle Pines is an unusual piece of property in the Denver area in that it’s right off I-25 and on a piece of property that’s a south slope covered with pine trees, and you go for miles along there in open ground and you come to that south slope. You’ve got this beautiful south slope looking down towards Castle Rock and then it goes out in the open again. And to have the opportunity to build a golf course on that piece of property was really kind of special… In Castle Pines’ case the land dictated the philosophy. I didn’t really try to create anything special…When you have a great piece of property you try to do as little as possible to it, so you don’t mess up the beauty of the property… And that’s it really, Castle Pines was the kind of place that we just tried to fit in with what was there.”


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Year Built: 1981
Designer: Jack Nicklaus
Classification: Private