Golf Passport FAQ

Golf Passport Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Golf Passport Membership?

The Colorado AvidGolfer Golf Passport saves members $$$ on green fees at more than 60 of Colorado’s top golf courses the entire calendar year. Golf Passport Memberships start at $59.95. Most fees at participating golf courses include golf cart and most offers include range balls. Additional membership benefits include two complimentary Preferred Clientele Club memberships (dine and save at more than 100 locations) and other “Members Only” retail offers. Members also have the option of upgrading their Golf Passport and receiving their CGA membership and USGA GHIN handicap for an additional $50.


How do I receive my discounted member rate to play?

Each golf course listing will have instructions on when the rate is available to play, how many days in advance you can make a reservation, and a phone number or website for the course to make your reservation. When calling for tee times, you must identify yourself as a Colorado AvidGolfer Golf Passport Member. At check in, you will be asked to show your activated Golf Passport and photo ID. Each person playing golf needs to have an activated Golf Passport to receive the member rate.


How do I activate my Golf Passport?

Golf Passports purchased online will already be activated when shipped – nothing more to do on your end.  Golf Passports purchased in-person at PGA Tour Superstores, Colorado AvidGolfer business office or Colorado Golf Expo will include activation instructions. If you plan to play before your Passport arrives, please PRINT your Activation receipt as temporary proof of activation to present with your Passport at the course.

Click here to activate your Golf Passport. Enter activation code and member information and you will receive your personalized label within 7-10 business days. When your activation label arrives in the mail, affix it on page 1 of your Golf Passport. Again, if purchased online, your label will arrive with your Golf Passport.


How long will it take to receive my Golf Passport after I order online?

It typically takes 7-10 business days to receive your Golf Passport. You must have the Golf Passport in hand to receive the member discounts. If you have not received your Golf Passport after 10 business days please email [email protected]. 


How do I upgrade my Golf Passport Membership to Include a GHIN #?

For $50, you can upgrade your Golf Passport to include a CGA membership and an Official USGA handicap. Click here to purchase your upgrade and make sure you have your Golf Passport ID number, which can be found on page 1 of your Golf Passport, to complete the upgrade.


I’m a Golf Passport Plus/Deluxe member, how do I activate my GHIN?

If you purchased or upgraded to a Golf Passport Plus/Deluxe between 2019-2021, your membership will be activated within 10 business days of payment and your GHIN number will remain the same.

If you had a registered GHIN with another club between 2019-2021, please email go[email protected] with your GHIN number so that we can transfer it to our club.

If this is your first time with a GHIN, or it’s been 3 years since you had an active GHIN, we will assign you a GHIN number within 10 business days and email it to you so that you can set up you GHIN profile and enter your scores.


If I had a Golf Passport Plus/Deluxe in 2022, will my GHIN # stay the same for 2023?

Yes. If you purchased a Golf Passport Plus/Deluxe in 2022 you will keep your same GHIN # for 2023.  We will reactivate your GHIN within 10 business days.


If I already have a GHIN # with another club and want to buy the Golf Passport Plus, can I keep the same #?

Yes. If you had a GHIN # within the last 3 years, you can keep the same GHIN # in the AvidGolfer Club. Email [email protected] and provide your GHIN number, which will be activated in 10 business days.


Can I buy a 2023 Golf Passport in-person and have it in-hand today?

Yes! Starting Dec 7, 2022, you can purchase the $79.95 option at either of the two Denver area PGA Tour Superstores. And of course, you can purchase any of the four options at our office. Please phone or email ahead to schedule a time. Also, we will have the Golf Passports for sale at the Colorado Golf Expo, Feb 25-27, 2023.


How do I receive my dozen Callaway Supersoft golf balls?

If you purchased the Golf Passport with Golf Balls or the Golf Passport Deluxe online, you will receive your golf ball voucher for one dozen Callaway Supersoft golf balls inside the front cover of your Golf Passport. If you purchased your Golf Passport at the PGA TOUR Superstore, Colorado AvidGolfer event/business office or Colorado Golf Expo, you will need to activate your Golf Passport in order to receive your golf ball voucher (voucher will be shipped with your activation label). The golf ball voucher can be redeemed at either Colorado PGA TOUR Superstore location: 9451 E Arapahoe Road, Greenwood Village OR 5650 W 88th Avenue, Westminster. Please note: Redemption begins Feb. 15, 2023.

Golf balls can also be shipped for $20. To have golf balls shipped, send a check payable to Colorado AvidGolfer with your golf ball voucher to Colorado AvidGolfer, 9350 E. Arapahoe Rd. Suite #210 Greenwood Village, CO 80112.


How do I get the full listing of courses, prices and restrictions for the Golf Passport?

Click here to view a list of all courses, pricing and availability for 2023.

You must have the Golf Passport in hand to acquire the member discounts.


What if I want to play today and I do not have a Golf Passport?

You can purchase your Golf Passport at the PGA TOUR Superstore or Colorado AvidGolfer business office to receive it the same day. You must go online and activate your Golf Passport before you can use it. You will then print the bounce back confirmation email to be used as a temporary label. Use your confirmation email to verify ownership of the Golf Passport. If you do not have your Golf Passport, the course will not honor the discount.


Can I share my Golf Passport?

No. Only the person who purchased it or it was activated for can use the Golf Passport. The golf course will ask to see identification when using the Golf Passport. Courses do not have to honor discounts for unactivated Golf Passports.


What if I lose or damage my Golf Passport?

Colorado AvidGolfer is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen Golf Passports.


What does “1 PS” mean, “SS” and other abbreviations?

Some courses only allow a certain number of rounds “per season” within the respective golf calendar year. The seasons are listed on each course page throughout the Golf Passport. Most courses have three seasons listed, i.e. a shoulder season, a peak season and another should season. 1 P/S means only one round per season, 2 P/S means two rounds per season, etc. PS = peak season, SS1 = shoulder season one, SS2 means shoulder season two.


What is Preferred Clientele Club?

Colorado AvidGolfer and Preferred Clientele Club have partnered again for 2022 to provide more benefits to your Golf Passport membership. The Preferred Clientele Club is a discount dining program where you receive 25% off or 2-for-1 offers at over 100 dining and retail locations. Preferred Clientele Club membership is $40/year but is included with membership to the Golf Passport. Click here for full details on the added value of membership to the Preferred Clientele Club.


I’m giving the Golf Passport as a gift, but the actual Golf Passport hasn’t arrived yet…

The Golf Passport will arrive in the mail in 7-10 business days after ordering. However, here is a printable certificate if you are giving it as a gift.


I’m purchasing a Passport as a gift, but will the gift recipient know about it to ruin the surprise?

No – as long as you DO NOT put their name/information in the billing or shipping address sections. To keep it a surprise, only enter their name/info in the “For Activation Purposes Only” section of the form as this will allow us to properly assign the Passport to the end user as Passports are non-transferable.


Are there bulk discounts available?

For more information on purchasing Golf Passports in bulk, contact [email protected].


Who can I call if I have issues ordering, activating, or upgrading my Golf Passport?

If you are having issues activating your Golf Passport, email the name of the Golf Passport user, mailing address, phone number, email address and activation code to [email protected] for activation.

For any other issues, call our offices at at 720-493-1729 or email [email protected].

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