From the Archives: Find More Driver Distance With Help From Jim Knous

The Tour Pro Gives Us His Three Tips For Adding Distance Off The Tee

Note: This story was originally published in 2023 as part of our GOLFTEC training series, and features Colorado PGA professional Jim Knous

By Ryan Gager

In this edition of Call Your Shot, PGA Tour Pro Jim Knous joins us at TPC Scottsdale to give his best tips for getting extra distance off the tee. You know the feeling, standing there on the tee and wanting to get after one to have a chance to get home in two on a par 5 or reach that drivable par 4. Watch the video for some great insight on adding distance, then take it to the course to start hitting it past your playing partners!

1. Lift The Heel Of Your Lead Foot

Raising the heel of your lead foot will allow for more hip rotation. Courtesy GOLFTEC

Hitting for power and gaining distance begins with the feet and works up. Jim explains to start by lifting the heel of your lead foot when you take the club back.

The heel lift allows for more hip rotation, which adds torque to the downswing as you rotate back and through the ball.

This added rotation and torque will lead to more speed and distance as you put a solid strike on the golf ball.

2. Extend Your Arms Back

Extending your arms creates width in the backswing. Courtesy GOLFTEC

Now that you are lifting your lead heel and rotating more, we can move up to your arms and the club.

Jim’s second tip is to extend your arms back. This creates width in the backswing. Feel like you are reaching straight back behind you as far as you can.

This added width in the backswing creates a bigger swing arc, which generates more speed on the way back through.

3. Maintain Your Natural Tempo

Maintaining your natural tempo will ensure you make a good strike on the ball. Courtesy GOLFTEC

For his third and final tip, Jim goes to tempo. Sure, you want to swing hard to make the ball go farther. But, swinging hard doesn’t mean rushing the downswing.

Instead of jerking the club down quickly toward the ball, focus on maintaining your natural tempo.

Jim says it’s good to even have a slight pause at the top of the backswing to make sure you aren’t rushing the swing.

Remember, the added rotation from lifting your lead heel and extending your arms to create width will provide plenty of speed to gain more distance.

Maintaining your natural tempo will ensure you make a good strike on the ball because finding the center of the clubface always helps with distance.

To check on your driving numbers and see how you can gain more distance, visit a local GOLFTEC Coach near you, and start hitting bombs like the pros!


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