2022 Genesis G70 

The G70 is the most credible rival available to the BMW 3-series.

In many ways it is the more appealing sports sedan, and its weaknesses are fairly minor. It is also great value, ringing in for thousands less than a comparably equipped German machine and having a much longer warranty—for the original owner, at least. The G70 was already a well-proportioned machine, and updates for ’22 do nothing to harm its aesthetic. The more rounded front fascia, Oreo Double Stack lights and 5-pointed “shield” grill bring it in line with other offerings from the Korean company, and its trunk shape is more cohesive. Room under its lid though is still much smaller than in a 3-series or Audi, though, and its pass-through to the tight rear seat is smaller, limiting practicality. Nor does the Genesis offer a hatch like the Kia Stinger, which is built on the same platform. But that is probably the G70’s biggest demerit; in many areas it is superior to the Deutsch competition. 

What the Genesis does really well is balance sport and luxury. Its interior design is classic; the way the instruments and center stack are angled towards the driver is just like BMWs of the yesterday and its seats look like they are from an Alfa Romeo. Infotainment screens are fast and intuitive, and when they do occasionally loose the plot there are “hard” buttons to get you back to the function you desire. Some things Genesis does are odd: always having the temp come on at 72 degrees is bizarre when it’s a hot day and you’d left it set lower when you exited the car, but by and large it’s hard to complain. The G70 drives superbly; the ride quality is better than the current BMW M340i in terms of pliancy, and while it is softer when pushed right to the limit (especially the back suspension), Genesis seems to have found the more rational approach to our road and traffic conditions.

The steering is better than the BMW’s in some respects too, and the 3.3-liter, turbocharged engine is great. Its 365hp and 376lb-ft outputs mean it is truly stout and feels it, pulling hard and running towards the redline with real verve. It also sounds good; a six cylinder back beat and turbo woosh combine quite well. The in-house 8-speed automatic is excellent most of the time; shifts in manual and auto mode are smooth and fast; the only issue is that in Sport+ mode, it downshifts well into a corner, but then upshifts or hesitates instead of staying in the lower gear. While the G70 3.3T has similar output numbers to the M340i, it would get smoked in a drag race by almost 1 full second to 60; 3.8 vs 4.7. The same applies in real-world fuel economy.

Not only are German horses apparently bigger and stronger, but they are also thriftier—the Genesis gets about 5mpg less in real world use than the BMW. However, the G70’s more cohesive exterior, more inviting front cockpit, cheaper price, better warranty and (based on JD Powers and real-world experience) better quality and durability mean it is the better proposition for those who plan to keep their car for more than a few years or might pick one up second hand some years from now.  

EPA Ratings:17/25/20mpg 

0-60mph: 4.7sec 

Price as tested: $49,545 

4.5 Stars 

Here is what Genesis has to say. 

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