2015 CAGGYs: Colorado’s Top Golf Instructors

You voted, we counted and here are this year’s winners for the Best Instructors in Colorado

Best Instructor – Men

Reader’s Choice
1. Dennis Murray, Valley
2. Paul Lobato, Meridian Golf Club, Englewood
3. Nathan Morris, GolfTEC-DTC

Staff Picks
Ed Oldham, The Ranch Country Club, Westminster
Charlie Soule, Green Valley Ranch Golf Academy, Denver
Reggie Sanchez, GolfTEC-DTC

Pictured: Dennis Murray

Pictured: Reggie Sanchez (left), Nathan Morris (right)

Best Instructor– Women

Reader’s Choice
1. Perry Holmes, Colorado National
2. Sherry Smith, Valley
3. Stef Ferguson, Green Valley Ranch Golf Academy

Staff Picks
Elena King, ExperienceGolf, Aurora
Lana Ortega, Lana Ortega Golf, Denver
Sherry Smith, Valley

Pictured: Sherry Smith

Pictured: Lana Ortega

Best Instructor–Juniors

Reader’s Choice
1. Matt Schalk , Colorado National
2. Steve Beach, Glenmoor
3. Dennis Murray, Valley

Staff Picks
Rick Timm, Timm Golf Academy
Trent Wearner, Trent Wearner Golf Academy
Doug Wherry, Jake’s Academy

Pictured: Matt Schalk

Pictured: Rick Timm

Best Golf Fitness Instructor

Reader’s Choice
1. Dillon Johnson, RallySport, Boulder
2. Dee Tidwell, Colorado Golf Fitness Club, Greenwood Village
3. Stacy Montgomery, New Directions Personal Training, Denver

Staff Picks
Dillon Johnson
Dee Tidwell
Neil Wolkodoff, Denver Center for Health & Sport Science

> Best Fitness Instructor (Reader’s Choice), Dillon Johnson, RallySport Boulder

In his popular Golf Conditioning Program, Dillon Johnson challenges his clients’ minds as much as their bodies, believing the connection between the two will make them more prepared and confident on the golf course and in everyday life. “Golf is one of the most physically intense sports out there,” says the Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute Certified Fitness Professional. “Golfers must be balanced, flexible, powerful, strong, stable, consistent—for five hours. We can do so much for our game and life by simply preparing our body and mind for the demands we place on them.”  rallysportboulder.com

Best Mental Game Coach
Reader’s Choice
1. Trent Wearner
2. Denise McGuire, In The Zone, Denver
3. Scott Ough, GolfTEC, Boulder

Staff Picks
Elena King
Denise McGuire
Geoff Greig, Green Valley Ranch

Pictured: Trent Wearner

Pictured: Elena King

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