Backswing in a Bag

What holds yours clubs could also hold the secret to staying on plane

So many things people fight in their golf swing result from a poor start. A great start begins with the club shaft swinging back on the correct plane, and people spend plenty of money on devices to accomplish this. Why bother? You already own the “swing tool” get you “on plane.”

1. The angle of your stand bag closely resembles that of your shaft. Stand the bag just to the right of you (right-handed golfer).

2. Start your takeaway and without your hands moving farther away from your legs than they were at address. Let the club shaft hinge up along the angle of your bag.

3. You’ll probably notice the right elbow hinging or folding, followed by your wrists hinging.

4. After approximately waist high, the club shaft will begin to move up higher above that angle. From an on-plane backswing it’s so much easier to get the club to return to a playable swing plane on the way down.


Rated a Top-20 Teacher Under 40 by Golf Digest, Trent Wearner owns and operates the Trent Wearner Golf Academy (; 303-645-8000) located at Meridian Golf Club in Englewood, as well as, a free game-improvement site. He is the author of the book Golf Scrimmages.