The CAGGYs Are “The Best”

What the heck is a CAGGY? It’s the new name we’ve given to the awards known generically for the last ten years as “The Best in Colorado Golf.” At the risk of stating the obvious, CAG stands for Colorado AvidGolfer. Expand it and—voilà—the catchy CAGGY.
You selected the first CAGGY recipients. More than 750 of you voted in our online poll, which we conducted exclusively through digital channels. I suspect far more will participate in the next one after seeing the results Friday, February 8—the same day they appear in the magazine.

The CAGGYs represent a shift in not only the name of the awards but in how they are decided. Moreover, it reflects a transition to digital the entire publishing industry has had to make—a transition that involves you.

Come April, expect to see major changes at CAG. As we move deeper into the digital world, more of our content will derive from what we learn from our Facebook friends and followers, your Twitter feeds and posts to We invite you to engage with us.!

We will also “publish” far, far more frequently than the eight times a year the magazine comes out. Our deal-packed e-newsletter will arrive regularly, and expect new Web content daily: blogs, videos, slideshows and expanded coverage of equipment, instruction, courses, travel and the people who animate the game you love.

We won’t forsake our print product, of course. This year’s story lineup is as strong as ever, starting with our Spring Issue, which will be available at the Denver Golf Expo Friday, February 8.

In addition to discovering the CAGGY winners, you’ll get an inside look at the Expo on its 20th anniversary, as well a peek at Donald Trump’s celebrated new Scotland course, a paean to the great Larry McAtee and “The Golfer’s Guide to Spring Training” in Arizona, the pre-season home of 13 Major League Baseball teams, including our Colorado Rockies.

A championship seems like a stretch for new manager Walt Weiss’s team. Then again, nobody gave the 1969 Mets—the first baseball team for which I rooted—a chance either, and they won the World Series.

By the way, what the heck is a Met? At least in ’69, it represented the best—much like a 2013 CAGGY.

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