The $30 2018 Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball

Half the price of a Tour-caliber ball and built for swing speeds under 95mph, the 2018 Srixon Q-Star Tour needs to be in your bag…

By Tony Dear

[easyazon_infoblock align=”right” identifier=”B01M05B9W0″ locale=”US” tag=”coloradoavidg-20″]Normal service resumes this week as we, once again, feature a product from Srixon which, as regular readers will know, is on something of a tear at the moment. The Japanese manufacturer has recently introduced new irons, drivers, and golf balls the latest of which is the second-generation Q Star Tour (the original Q Star Tour appeared in January 2017 – see Amazon Link at right).

I’m joking, of course. It isn’t normal to introduce you to so many Srixon products in a short space of time…it just seems that way. Other manufacturers certainly have launched new equipment lately, but nothing like as briskly as Srixon much of whose inventory has been updated.

2018 srixon q-star tour golf ball

The original Q Star Tour was one of the finds of last season, and its successor is likewise projected to be a very popular ball especially among better players whose swing speeds don’t quite match those of Tour players – 95-115mph.

And, just as it did last year, the new three-piece construction with a Tour urethane cover and lower-compression core, will retail at half the price of Tour-caliber balls it beats (for distance and accuracy) in independent testing.

The main technologies are:

  • An ‘Energetic Gradient Growth Core’ which Srixon says reduces backspin while working together with the 338-dimple pattern to generate longer driver distance compared to higher-compression tour balls. “The Q-STAR Tour also creates lower sidespin, resulting in more accurate drives than higher-priced options,” says Brunski.
  • Third Generation Spin Skin Coating – Srixon says the soft, elastic coating creates more greenside spin and better approach spin from any lie, especially the rough.
  • A soft, thin Tour Urethane Cover provides tour-caliber greenside spin for total control.
  • The ‘aerodynamic’ 338 Speed Dimple Pattern reduces drag, says Brunski, increasing lift for maximum distance and a more stable, penetrating ball flight in any wind conditions.

The new Q-STAR Tour comes in white and yellow and is available at retail now.


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