Zero Restriction, Zero Distraction.

In last week’s post, I talked about an important piece of equipment–the shirt–and its role in keeping you comfortable in hot, humid conditions. Now our attention shifts across the Atlantic Ocean to Muirfield, that iconic links course near Edinburgh.

Like most links courses, Muirfield sits near the sea and thus wind, rain and fog – sometimes in continuous rotation – can come into play. I found the best garment in these conditions is the lightweight windshirt, and for my money none is better than Zero Restriction’s AirFlow Half-Zip.

First and foremost, it’s lightweight but being a blend of 90-percent polyester and 10 percent polyurethane it is very near waterproof. Also, the AirFlow design vents warm air off your body, so you don’t perspire and then become chilled. The high collar adds to the protection, as do the double-snap cuffs that help keep rain and cold air out.

I do know that many other high-end companies – Nike, Sun Mountain, Sunice, Cutter & Buck, adidas – all have products in this category. And they all, for the most part, are very well-designed and do what they’re supposed to do. But I found Zero Restriction’s windshirt to have one big advantage–silence.

More to the point, when walking or swinging there’s no “rustle” that comes from fabric rubbing on fabric. That does stand out when you’re on the bluffs over the Firth of Forth, North Sea winds rippling your clothes, as you confront the challenges of the game.


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