VICE Golf Balls are the Real Deal… and a Steal

4 Reasons to Put VICE on the Tee

So… what’s your VICE?

Well, yes, it’s golf. We all agree it’s the best game ever invented, right?

But now we can proclaim it on the links, and while at it, save enough coin to easily cover a few side bets or a post-round libation.

I’m talking about playing with VICE, a new German golf brand that for the past few years has been collecting serious international street cred by selling tour-quality golf balls at a big discount over pricey big brands.

Going up against the Titleists, Callaways and Nikes of the world sounds a little insane by itself, but who would ever believe a cheaper ball could perform as well as a premium one?

I do. VICE is the real deal. Here are four reasons why it belongs in your bag:

1. VICE balls come in three basic varieties, all engineered to mesh with a player’s unique swing speed, ball flight, visibility and other performance considerations. The various three-piece Pro models are covered in cast urethane for added feel and responsiveness, while the three-piece Tour and two-piece Drive balls are covered in surlyn for optimized durability.

2. On a recent outing, I was pleasantly surprised with the performance dynamics of all three VICE varieties. Each more than met or surpassed my 10-handicap expectations for distance, durability, green-grabbing spin, wind-cheating flight and clubhead feel. Off the tee, ball flights were consistently similar to my favorite big-name brand.

3. Balls come preprinted with a handy black putting line (no Sharpie needed), but golfers can add monogrammed personalization—everything from names and logos to photos and catchy slogans—for a little extra money. That’s a gift that promises something unique for any hard-to-please spouse, boss, client or playing companion.

4. Price is always the bottom line, so let’s get to it. A non-monogrammed VICE is $28 for a dozen ($2.33/ball), but by ordering five dozen—an average year’s supply—the price drops to $19 a dozen ($1.58/ball). To make the point, when was the last time you teed up on a water-protected par-3, and couldn’t stop thinking about, that brand-new $5 Pro V1? Not a good swing thought, right?

How does VICE sell premium balls for so much less? The company cuts out the middleman, of course—balls are offered via online only. It also does not spend millions of dollars to sponsor tour players, and VICE keeps production costs low by minimizing the variety of balls that it makes and markets.

VICE is evidence that high-quality, tour-level golf balls need not cost a fortune. Flat rate shipping of $7 is available. For more information, go online to


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