Titleist Softens Up with the DT TruSoft

The ball is the softest in Titleist’s storied history.

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember a time when inexpensive, Surlyn-covered two-piece balls basically consisted of an inner rock and an outer cut-proof casing that did little to dampen the shock of impact. The pebbles 14th century farmers knocked along the ground near the Fife coastline couldn’t have scored much higher on the Rockwell Scale.

Nowadays, discerning golfers are after something altogether more sophisticated and considerably more pliant. Titleist’s DT SoLo, released at the beginning of 2012, combined a soft core that gave the ball a distinctly soft compression feel with a cover featuring two Surlyn ionomers. It was the softest ball in the company’s DT line since “Dynamite Thread” was first marketed 64 years earlier.

The new DT TruSoft, available from October 1st, will replace the DT SoLo, and, like its predecessor, it will be the softest DT ball in Titleist's storied history.

“This is the best performing DT model ever,” says Matt Hogge, Titleist Golf Ball R&D’s Director of Product Implementation. “We’ve balanced our core and cover combination to deliver a great feeling ball with performance on every type of shot.”

This new softer core and cover work together, adds Hogge, to optimize feel and the sound of impact on every shot. “And it delivers very low spin with long game clubs for consistently long distance, and reliable short-game spin for playability on and around the green.”

That short-game spin playability is often sacrificed, in low-compression balls, says Hogge. A shot pitching on the green without sufficient spin will likely bound over the back of the green. “There is clearly a point of diminishing returns therefore,” Hogge continues. “We’ve moved away from that trend with DT TruSoft by maintaining really good short-game spin relative to those products.” 

As for dimple pattern, the original 2012 SoLo featured a 392 icosahedral design but that was altered to a 376-dimple design in the 2014 SoLo upgrade which Bill Morgan, Titleist’s Senior Vice President of Golf Ball R&D, said enabled the ball to perform better in blustery conditions.

The 2015 DT TruSoft has a 376-tetrahedral (four triangular-faced) dimple pattern, which, according to Hogge, ensures an aerodynamically-consistent flight that is slightly lower and shallower than that of the SoLo, promoting a boring flight that pierces the wind.

Those penetrating shots you see on TV that come in low, bounce once, and skid to a halt should now be a piece of cake.

The DT TruSoft is manufactured in Titleist’s New Bedford, Mass. plant and will be available in White and Optic Yellow, numbered 1 through 4. A dozen, package in the company’s famous Red Box, is priced at $21.99.


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