Get ‘em While They Last

Perfect for nipping crisp, spinning, chips, Titleist’s Vokey 64T Wedge is a very limited edition.

Get ‘em While They Last

If you a play a course where the superintendent zealously keeps his turf short on the approaches and around the green…and the surfaces really firm…and the sand in the bunkers really dense, then you will surely benefit from adding the Titleist 64T Wedge to your short-game arsenal.

Knowing what we know, you'd better get yours before finishing this article.

That's because only a limited number have been made. Though Titleist released the club just in time for the Masters, inventory is running out—fast. If you want one, you better get on the phone right away. The number is 866-925-7402.

As the name indicates, the 64T has 64 degrees of loft, but what makes it so well-suited to chipping off close-cropped turf and digging into dense sand is minimal bounce—just six degrees.

More bounce—ten or 12 degrees on a typical sand wedge or lob wedge—enables the clubhead to enter the sand and rise out without digging down too deep. On firm, close-cropped turf, however, a sand wedge with ten or 12 degrees of bounce is going to rebound sharply as it makes contact with the ground, potentially catching the ball with the clubhead's leading edge and fizzing one shin-high across the green.

The 64T is therefore perfectly suited to clipping the ball off buzz-cut turf. One wonders how Jordan Spieth, had he put one in the bag, might have fared with it on his third (and fifth) shots on the 12th in the final round.

Titleist's Vokey T-64 Wedge

As with the Vokey-designed Titleist SM6 lob wedge, a little extra mass is placed behind the upper half of the hitting area, raising the Center of Gravity (CG). “That aligns the CG with the impact position,” says Vokey. “It produces more consistent distance and trajectory control.”

The T by the way, is the name of the grind – new for Vokey wedges (the SM5 and SM6 which was released in January, are available in F, M, S, L, and K grinds) – in which mass is removed from the heel, toe, and trailing edge, which is designed to give great versatility helping golfers hit all manner of shots from around the green.

Only available in brushed PVD finish, the Titleist 64T Wedge is a beautiful club and the limited stock is bound to disappear fast. , “Because it is a limited edition club and because so few were made, there’s a good chance they will sell out sometime this week,” cautions Eric Soderstrom, Titleist’s Manager of Communications. “So I advise your readers who are interested in purchasing one to call the Vokey Store as soon as possible.”

Again, that number is 866-925-7402. Operators are hopefully still standing by.


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