Tireless Titleist to Release New Irons and Hybrids

All levels of players will benefit from the 716 AP1 & AP2 Irons, 816H1 & 816H2 Hybrids, 716 CB & MB irons

Given how many golf products are launched each year, it may seem a little imbalanced featuring more Titleist items a week after highlighting the company’s new DT TruSoft.

But in addition to the new ball, Titleist is coming out with a slew of new clubs it says boast superior technology to their predecessors.

716 AP1 and AP2 Irons

The new AP1 and AP2 are designed for “two distinct player profiles – AP1 is for players seeking maximum distance and forgiveness, while AP2 is for players seeking distance and forgiveness in a tour-proven iron.

Those might not seem like very distinct player profiles to some, but the two models are indeed quite different. Titleist says the 716 AP1 is the longest, most-forgiving iron it has ever made. It features a “pre-worn leading edge” and cambered sole that reduce digging. The 360º undercut cavity design with a large, thin, unsupported face delivers speed and launch for more distance, while the “industry-leading” use of high-density tungsten weighting provides maximum forgiveness.

The AP2 is the manufacturer’s most advanced players’ iron with an average of 56.2g of tungsten per clubhead to position the center of gravity low and perfectly aligned at impact for more speed. The AP2’s MoI is also 8½% higher than that of the 714 AP2.

AP1 – $112/club or $899/set (steel), and $137.50/club or $1,099/set (graphite). Available in 3-iron (19º) to PW (43º), plus 47º and 52º gap wedges. The stock shafts are the True Temper XP90 and Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi 65.

AP2 – $150/club or $1,199/set (steel), or $175/club or $1,399/set (graphite). Available in 3-iron (21º) to PW (46º), plus a 50º gap wedge. The stock shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT.

816H1 & 816H2 Hybrids

Titleist’s new hybrids use was the company calls an ‘Active Recoil Channel’ which causes the face to flex at impact, and ‘Ultra-Thin Face’ technology to generate high speed and low spin for long distance. The high MoI increases speed across the face for more forgiveness on off-center hits, while the low CG increases launch and trajectory.

They have better shot stopping ability and can improve yardage gaps at the long end of the set. Instead of thinking about getting out of trouble or just getting the ball close to the green, golfers can now think about hitting the green and stopping the ball closer to the pin more often.

Available in 19°, 21°, 23°, 25° and 27°. $249.

716 CB & MB Irons

The 716 CB is a cavity blade (not sure when that oxymoron became a legitimate term) with a significant amount of high-density tungsten (average of 55.2g per head) co-forged to the bottom of the clubhead to lower the CG and increase control. And the 12% higher MoI than the previous generation 714 CB, makes it comparable, in terms of forgiveness, to the 714 AP2. The 716 CB’s stock shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT.

The 716 MB, meanwhile is an elegant, high muscle-back design with a squarer toe, thin topline and pre-worn leading edge that, according to Titleist, delivers maximum shot-control with pure, forged muscle- back feel. True Temper’s Dynamic Gold is the stock shaft.

CB – $150/club or $1,199/set (steel), or $175/club or $1,399/set (graphite).

MB – $137.50/club or $1,099/set (steel), or $162.50/club or $1,299/set (graphite).

716 T-MB Utility Irons

Titleist says the 716 T-MB utility irons use an “extreme” amount of high-density tungsten to lower the club’s CG, and therefore deliver high launch, long carry distance, and forgiveness in a sleek, muscle-back frame. “The T-MB is the most playable, most forgiving utility iron in the game,” says McGinley. “They will change the way players look at this type of club from a driving iron to a true utility club that can be integrated into the long end of a players’ set.”

The T-MB isn’t only available in long irons, however. Players can take advantage of the technology through the company’s MOTO (Made Only To Order) program, details of which you can find on the company’s web site.

T-MB features a muscle-back frame with a thin face (431 stainless steel) that increases speed and launch for greater distance. As with the 716 CB and 716 AP2, the stock shaft for the

T-MB is the True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT.

$199/club or $1,599/set (steel), or $225/club or $1,799/set (graphite).

All products will be available from October 23rd.



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