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Since a 200-yard shot is different in Bandon than it is in Breckenridge, the FlagHi app helps club you correctly.

Admittedly, this week’s featured product isn’t new. It was introduced without much fanfare two years ago.

Since then, it has slowly built a committed cadre of admirers who benefit from its very simple yet effective stroke-shaving application.

Developed by 655 Maple, LLC—a collaboration between predictive analytics solutions consultant   Nate Regimbal and scratch golfer Mark Stratz—FlagHi is a brilliant app tool that Colorado golfers traveling out of state, and outsiders traveling to Colorado, should find extremely useful.

That’s because FlagHi incorporates atmospheric conditions in clubbing you correctly for a given distance.

Look, everyone knows golfers can hit the ball as much as 10 percent further in the Rockies than they do at sea level and most people are aware that temperature and humidity affect a ball’s flight as well.

However far you hit your 7-iron in the heavy, chilly coastal air at Bandon Dunes, you are going to hit it much further a mile above the sea on a warm summer’s day—assuming, of course, you make the same contact as you did in Oregon.

The gap between the two yardages would actually be quite significant, and probably not best calculated using your shaky math and meteorological skills. That’s where FlagHi comes in.

Using complex algorithms that save you a lot of time and thought, FlagHi works out how far a ball hit with your 8-iron (for instance) will travel compared with how far you hit a typical 8-iron at your home course. After downloading the app, you need to configure your baseline conditions by entering the average temperature, humidity and elevation at your home course, and then entering the distances you hit each club.

If the atmospheric conditions at that course change, or you play elsewhere, simply enter the new numbers into the app and it will measure what your carry distance with each club is now likely to be. It also shows you if the temperature, humidity, and elevation changes will help or hurt you—green for help, red for hurt.

The FlagHi Pro app takes it a stage further with its PlayAs feature, which tells you how far the shot is actually playing given the prevailing conditions. “A 187-yard shot in Denver might require the same club as a 170-yard shot at home,” says Regimbal who plays most of his golf in the Greater San Diego area. “FlagHi gives you information you need to know in order to make a confident decision about what club to hit.”

FlagHi is another useful addition to your bag of tricks. Yes, it may be overkill to the casual golfer not overly concerned with their score, but for the competitive player whose score is everything, it might be the difference between a gleaming driver and a sleeve of balls.

FlagHi – $0.99
FlagHi Pro – $2.99
Android app available on Google Play. Available for the iPhone at the App Store.


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