The Two Club Drill + Video

Develop more harmony in your golf swing

The longer and warmer days should definitely get golfers to get into the swing!

That’s “swing” not “flip.” Commonly referred to as a flip or a wrist flip, the flip is a swing fault I see every day at GolfTEC Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs.

Flipping becomes most apparent through the impact area when the elbows separate from each other and the club head, club shaft, and bottom of the handle pass the hands too soon. The arms, hands, and club become erratic and alignment between the arms and club is lost. So are power and consistency.

Players will experience more shots that contact the face very low (thin shots) and go left of the intended target because the club face is closed upon impact.

Like many swing faults, wrist flip issues begin to form before impact position. They begin with the initial movement away from the ball. Many golfers are much too active with the arms, hands and wrists during their takeaway, leading to a club face that becomes too open and an overcompensation with the wrists to close it.

To eliminate flipping at impact you need to rotate open your club face much slower and in sync with the movement of the arms and body. With the club face rotating slower and more harmony between, you won’t need to correct the open face with a sudden burst of wrist activity in the hitting area. The arms, wrists, hands and club should arrive at impact in a more linear arrangement.

Watch the video below to view a simple drill that will help to establish improved club face control and general organization of your swing to begin changing the habits that lead to the dreaded wrist flip through impact.

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Tim Fuhrer is a PGA member with over 15 years of golf instruction experience.  He has taught over 5,000 lessons with GolfTEC. He coaches out of GolfTEC Chapel Hills in Colorado Springs. The Chapel Hills location recently moved into a new state-of-the-art complex inside of Golfsmith Colorado Springs.

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