The Truth About the CAGGY Awards

Straight, no chaser.

You trust us as a resource for Colorado golf. We do not take this responsibility lightly.

By definition, the CAGGY Awards are a celebration of the Best in Colorado Golf. How do we determine what’s best? We engage in a democratic process that allows you, the golfer, to vote for the Colorado courses, resorts, clubs and instructors that you believe deserve recognition.

Every one of those courses, resorts, clubs and instructors has the same opportunity to win a CAGGY award. However, as we all know, sometimes it’s not the best candidate but the best campaign that often wins elections. To complement reader’s selections, we also make “Staff Picks” for each category. It is important to note: these are listed alphabetically, not ranked numerically.

We take great pride in the CAGGYs. To give you a deeper understanding of our yearly awards, here’s a breakdown of WHY we do what we do:

Tradition. For 13 years we have been giving out awards honoring the best in Colorado golf. Through the years we have utilized various approaches—committees, golf pros, dartboards, etc.—in order to identify Colorado’s standout courses and instructors.

Okay, I am kidding about the dartboard. However, the point is: we have strived to understand you, the Colorado golfer; strived to get our finger on the pulse of the Colorado golf landscape; strived to effectively represent and shine light on the greatness of Colorado golf.

Evolution. For the last three years we have put the vote in your hands. You are the ones booking rounds, playing the courses, contributing to and investing in the game for which we all share a passion.

For example, last year it was brought to our attention that we were missing some categories related to golf instruction. How did we respond? By adding Best Golf Fitness Instructor and Best Mental Game Coach. We want to hear from you! The more feedback we get, the more we can understand the wants and needs of the Colorado golfer.

Progression. Voting for the 2016 awards will begin in August. Get involved. Get your friends involved. Make sure your favorite courses, resorts, clubs and instructors are involved. The CAGGY Awards are released in our Spring issue, which hits stands during the Denver Golf Expo. It really is a celebration of the game here in Colorado.

It is thrilling to see the increasing number of voters every year. Living in the digital age of engagement, we are inspired by the conversations, discussions and debates sparked by the CAGGYs.

Bottom line. The more that we talk about, promote and encourage golf in Colorado, the better off we are.  Securing the future of the game is something in which we are all invested. 

CAGGY Year-Over-Year Engagement and Results

2013 – 787
2014 – 2018
2015 – 3044

2013 – 3,386
2014 –  5,195
2015 – 8,562

2013 – 9,497
2014 – 14, 120
2015 –  21,795

Your 2015 CAGGY Winners:

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Your 2014 CAGGY Winners:

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