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Longing to be long again? Look at the new CG Black Custom driver and irons.

“Imagine someone who has played good golf all their life, a mid-to-low handicapper, a skilled player who has lost a little bit of clubhead speed.”

If that sounds like you, read on.

The speaker is Adam Sheldon, a former engineer and now brand manager at Cleveland Golf who played a big role in the design of the company’s new CG Black Custom Driver (pictured above) and CG Black CB irons (pictured below). He’s describing the golfer for whom these new clubs were created.

“We made all the components of the Black Custom Driver lighter, resulting in the lightest adjustable driver on the market – about 285grams. And we’ve worked to optimize the position of the Center of Gravity and maximize the Co-efficient of Restitution (COR) in the iron.”

Cleveland introduced its Black line back in October 2011, about 18 months after the acclaimed CG7 Black Pearl iron first appeared. Featuring the company’s popular gunmetal finish, the clubs certainly looked distinctive, but they offered significant performance improvements too, to golfers who had lost yardage and were “looking to be long again.” The driver weighed in at a remarkable 265 grams and claimed superior aerodynamics thanks to what Cleveland called an ‘innovative tear-drop-inspired crown profile’.

The irons not only boasted a larger face than in previous Cleveland models for more forgiveness, but also a higher COR and Deep Undercut Technology which lowered the Center of Gravity and moved it further back in the clubhead. The CG Black quickly gained a reputation for being a stable, forgiving iron ideal for golfers who swung it at 90mph or lower.

The new additions to the line—the CB Black Custom Driver and CG Black CB irons—are designed for golfers who can manage a little more swingspeed: up to about 105mph. These are very competent players who want to continue working the ball but also benefit from the club’s forgiving nature.

The HT 1770 Steel face is back, and you have a choice between two high-quality custom shafts – the Nippon NS Pro 1050 GH (steel), or UST Recoil 660/670 (graphite). The driver, as well as being light, comes standard with the Mitsubishi Bassara E50 graphite shaft, and the loft can be adjusted from nine degrees to twelve.

If you have a set of CG Black irons, you’d be forgiven for not rushing out and updating to the CG Black CB. But if you haven’t purchased irons for a few years, however, might want to get along to the testing bay and check them out. As for the driver, the introduction of loft adjustability will interest CG Black owners.

Both driver and irons are available in right and left hand. The Minimum Advertised Prices are $399.99 and $799.99 respectively. For more information, go to


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