TaylorMade Phenom: Junior Clubs with Bells and Whistles

TaylorMade Phenom: Junior Clubs with Bells and Whistles

Here are three indications—one predictable, one undeniably solid, one fairly conclusive—that the new TaylorMade Phenom junior set is a quality item and not just some half-baked attempt at joining the youth club market appearing like another “grow the game” evangelist that takes junior golf seriously.

First, the announcement of last week’s launch, describing the clubs, used all the same old jargon and buzzwords a release for a high-profile iron or driver release might – “precision-engineered”, “optimized length and loft”, “consistent distance gapping”, “USGA limit for COR”, “easy-launch technology”, “multi-functional sole design”, “face-balanced”, “center-shafted”, etc, etc. That’s the predictable one because, at a company like TaylorMade, golf club jargon is the only language they know.

TaylorMade Phenom Junior Set with Bag and Putter

Second, TaylorMade will be donating $20 from every sale to the PGA Junior Golf League, the PGA of America’s program that presents an opportunity for boys and girls ages 13 and to play and compete on teams with their friends. That’s a pretty solid commitment to the golfers of the future and, of course, the people who will someday be buying TaylorMade clubs, whoever owns the company.

Third, Senior Director Global Irons Tomo Bystedt had a hand in the Phenom’s creation— “one of my most recent projects,” he says on Twitter—which immediately gives the product a stamp of credibility. Bystedt has been at TaylorMade for ten years, serving in various strategic, managerial, and marketing positions before eventually rising to his current position in January of this year. He was instrumental in the development of the PSi irons, and it is he that says the Phenom was precision-engineered, a label consumers can take very seriously.

TaylorMade Phenom irons for junior golfers

The Phenom is TaylorMade’s first junior set since 2010, and comes in two sizes—K40 is a six-piece set for golfers ages 5-8 (18” – 22” fingertips to floor) that includes a 400cc titanium driver, Rescue, 7-iron, sand wedge, putter and bag, while the K50 is an eight-piece set for golfers between 9-12 years old (23” – 30” fingertips to floor) that includes a 400cc titanium driver, fairway wood, Rescue, 7-iron, 9-iron, sand wedge, putter and bag.

Taylor Made Phenom Junior Set Hybrid

TaylorMade putter included with new Phenom junior set

The lightweight stand bag features dual ergonomic straps (there’s that golf jargon again), premium materials, and ample storage.

K40 (six-piece) – $249

K50 (eight-piece) – $299


TaylorMade Junior Complete set - Phenom 2016

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