2018 Gear Guide: Fairway Metals + Hybrids

The 2018 Gear Guide

The best fairway metals and hybrids for the 2018 season are here! Check out the 2018 Gear Guide from Colorado AvidGolfer to round out your bag with this long, dependable must-haves.

Hybrid Vigor: Knuth High Heat

Knuth Golf’s follow-up to its explosive driver will add more blue to your bag. Jon Rizzi If the range at your local club is starting to sound more like a high school baseball game, you can thank Dean Knuth. Last year, the former USGA senior director known as the “Pope of Slope” put the result … Read more

Knuth Golf Brings the Heat—Again

A year after its driver wowed the PGA Merchandise Show, Knuth’s follow-up Fairway Wood and Hybrid receive similar raves. Tony Dear I did it again. Another comically off-center strike, and another perfectly satisfying result. Regular readers may recall at this exact same time last year, I posted a less-than-professional-grade photograph showing the face of a … Read more

The Best of 2015 in Golf Gear

Our favorite golf products of the year Tony Dear It is difficult to pinpoint the one obvious golf equipment moment, discovery, or trend of 2015. Centers of Gravity have dropped a millimeter or two, and manufacturers have done what they can to find you an extra few miles an hour of ballspeed. But these increases … Read more

2015 Holiday Gift Guide

An assortment of gifts for golfers and golf fans alike Colorado AvidGolfer A Most Beautiful Golf Book Denver resident Joshua Evenson couldn’t have graduated with a business degree from CU at a worse time than 2008. So instead of competing for jobs with unemployed MBAs, the lifelong golf fanatic set his sights on St. Andrews—a university … Read more

Is Knuth Golf’s High Heat the Best Driver Ever?

It outperforms the big brands in every way—except marketing. Jon Rizzi The “K” in Dean Knuth’s name isn’t silent, and neither is his High Heat driver. The ball explodes off the face and travels straight and far—even on decidedly off-center hits. How can you tell? The mark on the High Heat’s patented mirror face allows … Read more