Surf the Golf Turf on a GolfBoard

New on-course transport is fun and fast


Check out the game’s latest on-course transport—the GolfBoard.

Mimicking an oversized skateboard, the GolfBoard’s powerful four-wheel-drive engineering navigates steep terrain, easily carries gear and a heavy golfer (250-plus pounds) for as much as 36 holes, and is no more damaging to turf grass than a pull cart.

GolfBoard was heavily influenced by Laird Hamilton, the surfing icon that introduced the world to tow-in surfing. “What snowboarding did for skiing, what stand-up paddling did for surfing, the GolfBoard will do for golf,” said Hamilton.

He may be right. The whisper-quiet, lithium battery powered GolfBoard is so compact that it and a bag of clubs easily fit in the trunk of a car. It’s also super simple to operate: Step on, grab the GPS-equipped wireless controller and go. Steering is controlled by the rider’s own motion.

More so, the GolfBoard eliminates passively sitting in a golf cart, and promises to speed up play. “If you forego the honor system,” said Hamilton, “you can play an entire round in two hours.”

The GolfBoard already is showing great promise in attracting a new generation of players who already love the free-riding thrills of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. For good measure, it also won Best New Product at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show.

The question remains what Colorado course will be the first to have one?

Pretty nifty stuff. GolfBoard ($4,000 retail) is available online at


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