Stop Coming Over the Top!

Coming “over the top”—when your swing plane becomes too steep and attacks the golf ball from an outside-in swing path—is one of the most common problems I see in golfers who slice or pull the ball. The problem often stems from your body getting out of sequence at the top of your swing. You’ll notice that your back knee starts moving towards the ball, opening up your hips too quickly and causing that outside-in swing path. A simple way to remedy that is to take your regular stance and draw your rear leg back so your rear toe aligns with your front heel. When you begin your downswing, your knee will move towards the target, not towards the ball. This will keep your hips from opening too soon and put your club on a better plane.

Alex Fisher, PGA Professional,
Glacier Club, Durango, Colo.
Wildfire Golf Club, Phoenix, Ariz.

Change Tack

It may be time for new grips. If indeed your grips are losing their, er, grip may we suggest Golf Pride’s latest model.

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