Spring 2015: Honor Thy Forebears

Thirteen Colorado golf legends lead to Denver’s first Olympic gold medalist

As Colorado AvidGolfer concludes its 13th year, and as the Colorado Golf Association celebrates its 100th, it seems only appropriate that we honor the 13 members of the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame who have also earned enshrinement into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame.

Fill in the names of the people pictured above. Then take the circled letters to identify the person at the bottom of the page.

This University of Denver graduate, 1952 Olympic gold medalist and Colorado Sports Hall of Famer later served as the golf coach at his alma mater, Denver East High School.

THE ANSWER IS : _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _


B A B E   L I N D     

T H A Y E R   T U T T

J U D Y   B E L L

H A L E   I R W I N

B A R B A R A   M C I N T I R E

D A L E   D O U G L A S S

W I L L   F.   N I C H O L S O N,  J R.

J O A N   B I R K L A N D

J A C K   V I C K E R S

T U B   M O R R I S

S T E V E   J O N E S

D O W   F I N S T E R W A L D

B A B E   Z A H A R I A S


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