Mizuno and MOTC


Men of the Club? No. It stands for Middle of the Clubface.

With this week’s PGA Championship at Oak Hill being televised on CBS, we’re going to hear the longest product placement name in all of sports: Konica Minolta Bizhub Swing Vision Camera. What we see again and again from this device are pros hitting the ball MOTC, which results in desired shots—not toe hooks or heel-induced slices.

Particularly with the irons, the KMBSVC gives clear evidence of how the pros hit the back of the ball first, then the club drives through the turf, divot flying – as evidenced here. And they do it – again – MOTC.

It’s hard for me to sit and watch these shots. I feel like a fly fisherman watching from the banks of a ripe trout stream.

The KMBSVC makes me want to play golf. Here’s why: Nothing feels better than a well-struck iron shot, with one slight variation. Nothing feels better than a well-struck iron shot off pro-style irons. For this week, we’ll say it’s Mizuno’s MP-63s. Full-grain forging, soft carbon steel and enough craftsmanship to make a Milanese cobbler stare in wonder.

But what makes the Mizuno MP-63s so, well, endearing is, like a tempestuously demanding women, if they’re not given what they need (ball in MOTC) they hurt you and they hurt you hard. Chunked shots find ponds; toed shots burrow into the thick rough; and heeled blocks have a laser-like focus for trees.

MOTC. It feels so good, and when we’re off we miss it so bad.


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