Ladies of a Certain Age

What do you know about the CWGA, which hits the century mark this year?

March 14 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Colorado Women’s Golf Association, with its stated purpose “to promote and maintain the best interests of the game of golf; to hold golf tournaments; and to promote good fellowship among member clubs.” The wording of the mission has endured, although much has changed during the intervening century.

The CWGA currently boasts nearly 19,000 members, whereas the original association consisted of eight—five of whom were married, and, following the etiquette of the day, were referenced by their husband’s name. Mrs. Olyn Hemming, for example, served as the first president. Her name was Mary, and she belonged to Colorado Springs Golf Club (today’s Patty Jewett Golf Course), which that September hosted 28 competitors in the first CWGA Match Play Championship.

Another CWGA founder, Mrs. M.A. McLaughlin, won that championship. Ella was her name, and she would win the event two more times. Her husband, who founded the Colorado Golf Association in 1915 and won two Match Play and three State Amateur championships (as well as three Pebble Beach Golden Vase titles), is in the Colorado Hall of Fame. Ella isn’t, but two-dozen women are, including Ann Finke, who will be inducted May 14.

Can you identify these 12?

1. Ann Finke
2. Barbara McIntire
3. Carol Flenniken
4. Christie Austin
5. Janet Moore
6. Jill McGill
7. Joan Birkland
8. Judy Bell
9. Katie Fiorella
10. Mildred “Babe” Zaharias
11. Phyllis Buchanan
12. Vivian Dorsey

Visit the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame at the Riverdale Golf Courses in Brighton or online at


1. D
2. F
3. H
4. A
5. L
6. I
7. B
8. G
9. K
10. C
11. E
12. J


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