Hyundai BlueLink

One of the Santa Fe Sport’s most intriguing features is Hyundai’s new, cellular-based BlueLink system. Combining features consumers will be used to already from GM’s OnStar, such as real-time navigation, weather forecasts and enhanced road-side assistance, with abilities like voice text messaging and even the compatibility to work with Apple’s Siri, it is the next evolution in the driver/phone/car interface.

Most useful was the ability to lock or unlock and remotely start the Sport from a smartphone app—especially appreciated on a weekend where temps didn’t get out of the single digits. While these BlueLink features didn’t work 100 percent of the time, at least the phone would inform you when the requested task was complete, so there was never any wondering whether you’d walk up to a warm or cold crossover. And not needing to have line-of-site to the Santa Fe Sport made these abilities more useful than conventional remote start systems.