How to Mark Your Golf Ball Correctly

Simple reminders for a basic rule that you’ve seen broken countless times on the green

How to mark your golf ball on the green seems like Golf 101 to many, but how many times have your playing partners ignored, disregarded, or simply didn't know the rules to mark the ball? No, you shouldn't use a leaf to mark it and yes, proper etiquette is to always mark your ball while someone else is putting. Did you know that if you are on the green, putt and hit another ball on the green, you (the putter) receives a two stroke penalty if hit by another ball? It is proper etiquette that your playing partner would already mark his or her ball, but it is your responsibility to make sure they do. 

The video below from Jay Golden of the PGA National Teaching Committee shows the proper process for the basic rule of how to mark your ball, how to move your mark if it's in the way of a playing partner's putting line, and the offical rules on marking.

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