How Are They Rolling Today?

Don’t expect to play a marijuana-friendly course anytime soon, but have a little fun with these course names

Even with legalized marijuana filling Colorado’s coffers with leaves of cash, don’t expect to play a 4/20-friendly golf course anytime soon. (Although if one gets built, it would only be appropriate to have as the designer Florida architect Bobby Weed.)

Since this is our annual travel issue, we spanned the globe to find courses with names suggesting the wacky tobacky. Just know this: There’s no endorsement here; we’re just having some fun. 

During the 1960s and 1970s, for example, mining executives in Liberia piped drives at the Bong Golf Course. A continent away, a war raged in Vietnam, a country in which one now requires a bóng golf (translation: golf ball) to ply the Ho Chi Minh Golf Trail.

Today’s player might consider Thor’s Hammer Club in Minnesota, which younger members know as T.H.C.—or they would if the club actually existed.

So, the following list names clubs both real and pipedreams. Your job is to decide which is which. Answers are below.

  1. Bairnsdale Golf and Bowls Club  
  2. Cannonball Golf Club 
  3. Gahn-Ja Golf Resort 
  4. Golf Club le Pôt 
  5. High Valley Golf Course 
  6. Joint Services Golf Club 
  7. Peace Pipe Golf Course 
  8. Pipestone Golf Club
  9. Pot O’ Gold Club & Resort 
  10. Potholes Golf Course 
  11. Roach Municipal Links 
  12. Smoke Rise Country Club 
  13. Spliff Golf and Country Club 
  14. Stoner Creek Golf Course 
  15. Stoney Links Golf Course 
  16. Sweetgrass Club
  17. Tok City Golf Course 
  18. Weed Golf Club 


  1. Bairnsdale Golf and Bowls Club  (Bairnsdale, Australia)
  2. Cannonball Golf Club (Greensburg, KS)
  3. Gahn-Ja Golf Resort (Fictional)
  4. Golf Club le Pôt (Fictional)
  5. High Valley Golf Course (Packwood, Wa)
  6. Joint Services Golf Club (Episkopi, Cyprus)
  7. Peace Pipe Golf Course (Denville. New Jersey)
  8. Pipestone Golf Club (Miamisburg, Ohio)
  9. Pot O’ Gold Club & Resort (Fictional)
  10. Potholes Golf Course (Othello, Washington)
  11. Roach Municipal Links (Fictional)
  12. Smoke Rise Country Club (Stone Mountain Georgia)
  13. Spliff Golf and Country Club (Fictional)
  14. Stoner Creek Golf Course (Paris, KY)
  15. Stoney Links Golf Course  (Onaway, Michigan)
  16. Sweetgrass Club (Harris, MI)
  17. Tok City Golf Course (Fictional)
  18. Weed Golf Club (Weed, CA)


Can you name the Colorado courses Jack built?

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