Honing Your Shirt Game

When I think of the John Deere stop on the PGA Tour, sweat comes to mind. It’s a good example of what it takes to play golf in the central U.S. in the core of summer – temps in the 80s or higher and humidity levels approaching those of a steam room.

In these conditions, what one chooses for the equipment should include a shirt—and, more to the point, a “tech” shirt. These garments have double layers that include one to wick sweat off your body and allow it to evaporate against the outer layer

Adidas, Aureus and others all offer “tech” golf shirts. The Nike Dri-Fit line of golf polos stands out because the shirts are functionally matched to the conditions and they come at a fair price: $50. And though the chief benefit may not show up on your scorecard, the one hazard of playing golf in heat and humidity will NOT show up on you.

That is, after the round when you begin to cool, Dri-Fit technology prevents the “salt stains” (whitish streaks left over from evaporated perspiration) from caking the front of the shirt. And that just plain looks good.


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