GPS-Enabled TomTom Golfer is Stylish and Loaded

7 Reasons Why it will Wow Your Favorite Golfer

I am a watch fiend. If there is one guilty pleasure I will publicly fess up to, it’s my love for all things wrist-wrappable.

Hence, my unabated and shameless coveting of the TomTom Golfer, a new watch-style product that is one of the more ingenious game enhancement tools I’ve reviewed in quite some time.

What makes it special? Here are seven reasons why the TomTom Golfer promises to be one of the more appreciated gifts you or your favorite golfer will receive this Christmas:

1. It comes preloaded with more than 34,000 golf courses, both domestic and abroad. After the super-easy charge on my laptop and the speedy Mac-savvy software download (it also works with Windows, naturally), finding a nearby course was child’s play. The TomTom located the three courses in and around Durango, plus it accurately cued-up several courses in nearby Farmington, N.M.

2. On course, the watch brings up each hole’s information, including par, if it’s a dogleg, and the yardage to the front, center and back of the green. On the fairway, it reconfigures automatically to quickly preview the new greensite distance, allowing golfers to pull and play the correct club. No more searching for sprinkler heads!

3. TomTom precisely and graphically measures yardage to fairway and greensite bunkers and to water hazards. If you’re playing an unfamiliar course with blind tee shots or approaches, this feature alone pays stroke-saving dividends.

4. Playing a target-style layout like those common in Arizona, or maybe you want to play from that perfect 100-yard distance? Or will you risk the reward by playing aggressively? The TomTom provides accurate distances to lay-up or go-for-broke points.

5. After easily inputting your total strokes into the onscreen scorecard, the watch recalibrates for the next hole. At round’s end the total score is ready for entering into the club’s handicap computer, and it can be stored in memory (up to 20 rounds) for progress analysis.

6. Updates, when necessary, are a snap. Just wirelessly pair the TomTom to your app-enabled Android or iOS smartphone and it happens in less than five minutes.


7. The TomTom is not only stylishly slim and lightweight, it offers outstanding engineering including 10 hours of battery life, waterproofing to 50 meters, durable casing, and a large and easy to read face.

And yes, the TomTom Golfer ($250 retail) also tells time, as well as helps golfers play faster and smarter with at-a-glance information. Find it at better pro shops or online by clicking here.


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