How to Make an Effective Body Turn in the Swing

Tim Mahoney
Tim Mahoney, who will be heading to Colorado this summer, shares tips for the body turn with the instructional video below.

As you may have read, Tim Mahoney is coming to Colorado this summer.

He is the Director of Golf Education for Troon Golf and has been recognized nationally by both Golf Digest and Golf magazine. He’s also, among other things, the creator of the Troon Golf Academy, Troon Golf Institute, Mahoney Golf Academy and the David Duval Golf Academy in Japan.

So who better to learn the golf swing from than Mahoney, who takes pride on helping golfers of all abilities and ages?

Mahoney shares his thoughts on the golf swing, and more specifically, the body turn in the video below. Through his simple and effective teaching style, you can learn how to freely swing through the ball.

Included in the video:

  1. Shoulders should turn 90 degrees on the backswing
  2. Don’t think of the swing has your weight shifting, but your body turning.
  3. How to keep your head still while your body rotates
  4. A drill to master the body turn correctly

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