Golf Style: Wear to Play

The do’s and don’ts of wearing bright colors on the course

Just because you once wanted to run away and join the circus doesn’t mean you can dress like a clown when you run away to the golf course. Unless your job is to make kids cry, stay away from the harlequin outfit on the left. There is nothing harmonious—or manly or golfy—about them.

The chap on the right, however, is wearing nice, fun plaid pants that go well with his sense of color—bright, fresh tones for a bright, fresh golfer. The colors are bright, but not loud. Get it? It helps that it looks like he can play golf; the guy on the left looks like he can juggle bowling pins.

Do the right thing, or the thing on the right, if you are young, fit and have game. Otherwise, utilize one or two bright colors, but no more, and make sure they complement each other. If you just have to have those cool plaid pants, buy a white shirt to go with them. White. I will say again, white! And stay away from reversed caps if you are getting invitations from AARP. It’s just not right.

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