Golf on the Go: DV8 Sports Delivers

Adjustable-Length Golf Clubs are Ideal for Travelers

A few years ago, a golfing buddy of mine committed the ultimate “what-was-I-thinking” blunder when he bought a Mazda Miata.

Not that buying a super-cool convertible was stupid, but buying one with a trunk too small for a set of golf clubs?

You could always tell it was Freddy driving down the highway, his long hair whirling in the wind and an oversized Titleist bag strapped to the fully reclined passenger seat.

Too bad Freddy didn’t have a set of just-launched adjustable-length golf clubs from DV8 Sports.

You read that right: adjustable-length golf clubs.

DV8 Sports has engineered 14 clubheads with two quick-connect detachable shafts that fit into a backpack that weighs so little (15.5 pounds) and is so compact that it fits into an airplane’s overhead compartment or the trunk of a Porsche. You could even strap it to a motorcycle or schlep it while walking the links or playing atop a GolfBoard, Golf Bike or Segway.

“What consumed us,” said inventor Pat Bradley, “were swing weight and shaft flex, distance and accuracy, and everything required not just to meet performance expectations, but destroy them.”

Pretty nifty stuff. The genius, though, is in a patented coupled club shaft that allows a golfer to club up in mere seconds. Shafts are available in stiff, regular and senior flex, and no tool is needed.

The backpack offers more surprises: There’s a tailored pocket that, after slipping in an iPad, is ideally situated for filming and recording swings; clubs are individually slotted and protected with EVA foam; the exterior is durable 1680D ballistic nylon; a carry handle is detachable; and the zippered pockets—including one for balls and tees—make for easy access. Plus, there is an optional tripod for setup during practice.

DV8 clubs aren’t designed to replace an avid golfer’s set. In fact, they don’t conform to the USGA’s or R&A’s rules of golf. However, they will tempt the occasional player or anyone that covets a lightweight, easily transported, easily stored alternative or a second set.

The product is so clever and innovative that it sprinted through a Kickstarter fundraising campaign and raised more than $85,000.

DV8 Sports’ right-and left-handed clubs are bundled in three options—Play Package ($900), Practice Package ($700) and Starter Package ($500)—or can be purchased individually. Order them online at


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