Game Out of Balance? Swing Cat Might Be Your Secret Weapon

New computer technology gets to the sole of your swing

Swing Catalyst Balance Plate

Athletic balance is a beautiful thing. We see it manifested in so many sports but never so much as in professional golf, where a violent, back-and-forth movement often results in a blissfully elegant, strike-the-pose swing.

Most golf teachers agree: Great balance is absolutely critical to playing great golf. Even the big guys have it down. For proof, take a look at recent PGA Tour winners Kevin Stadler and Steven Bowditch, whose rather stout physiques seldom get in the way of a graceful, balanced finish.

Pounding buckets of range balls and developing strong core muscles helps, of course, but it doesn’t stop there. Professional and better amateurs players are taking full advantage of computer swing analyses that pinpoint every flaw, every slip, every mistake. Lately players have been focusing on that highly crucial swing component, the feet, and are tuning into the Swing Cat: the Swing Catalyst Balance Plate.

“The Swing Catalyst Balance Plate is a highly advanced sensor plate consisting of more than 2,000 high-resolution sensors, specifically designed for swing analysis,” explains Tom Christian Lindvag, marketing manager for Swing Catalyst. “Although it has been designed to help golfers improve their game, it is powered by the similar technology being used at advanced hospitals and medical research facilities around the world, where accuracy is a must.”

In essence, the Swing Cat visualizes the invisible forces leading to an efficient swing. It instantly provides an accurate measurement of stance width; calculates the precise center of pressure throughout the swing; draws the center of pressure pattern during the swing; and accurately reveals pressure distribution.

Plus, data from the Swing Cat can be synchronized with video images and data from launch monitors and ball flight-tracking devices like TrackMan, FlightScope, Foresight GC2 and Full Swing Golf—allowing instructors to study the correlations between everything that happens during a golf swing and the actual result of the shot.

Swing Cat helps a golfer play better. Look for it at leading golf schools or golf retail shops, or go online to


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