First Look: Callaway’s Chrome Soft Golf Ball

65 Compression Ball Promises to Change Your Game

For as long as I can remember, golfers have been give two fundamental choices in golf balls. We could either tee up a “hard” ball (generally a 90- to 100-compression) to achieve maximize distance, or a “soft” ball (approximately 85-compression) to gain feel and spin.

Unless we skirted the Rules of Golf and switched balls mid-hole, we couldn’t have both.

So imagine my surprise when I heard Callaway had engineered a 65-compression golf ball that gives both outstanding distance and superior feel—tee to green.

It’s called the Chrome Soft, and Callaway is touting it as much more than a game changer.

“The Chrome Soft is going to be a paradigm shift for the industry,” said Dave Bartels, who heads golf ball R&D at Callaway. “It offers low spin off the driver, more control around the greens, and iron shots carry up to a full club longer.”

Chalk it up to Callaway’s proprietary SoftFast Core technology, which is being paired with the company’s durable Tour Urethane cover. It’s a combination that Bartels claims offers tour-level performance plus a feel that’s not been seen since golf balls were covered with soft, easily damaged balata.

“We made a softer core,” said Bartels, “but we were able to retain as much core energy as possible. So when the ball is compressed at impact, it regains it shape and springs off the clubface.”

And because the Chrome Soft accommodates high and low swing speeds, it’s ideally suited for every playing level, amateur and professional alike.

The Chrome Soft already has one big-time convert: multiple major champion and Callaway tour representative Phil Mickelson.

“The new Callaway Chrome Soft is longer, it is way softer, and spins much better around the greens,” said Mickelson. “That’s the truth.”

The Chrome Soft ($38 for a dozen) will be available Jan. 16 at golf retailers nationwide. For more information, click here or for a free dozen Chrome Soft balls, click here!


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