Ecco GTX: Keeping it Classy

A while back an old friend invited me out to a very prestigious country club. It was a great honor for which I will always be grateful but also knew to ask about protocol. I’m glad I did. Consider the following rules:

  • No cell phone use on property.
  • Slacks only – no shorts allowed.
  • No GPS devices. Caddies are available (a needed asset since the course contained no yardage markers or 150-yard poles, etc.)

It is the sort of course where you want to fit in right away. And after I reviewed my apparel choices, it became clear my adidas Crossflex shoes, while comfortable, just weren’t going to cut it style-wise and club-wise. But I had a backup pair.

For the avid golfer who gets to enjoy a special round now and then, it’s nice to have a second set of spikes. Ecco’s GTX model is one of the few that still has a full-leather calfskin uppers and stiff leather soles with a Gore-Tex lining to keep moisture out. As soon as you take these out of the box you feel their sturdiness. They weigh more than 22 ounces and are stiff when new.

These are not the wear-all-day summer golf spikes. These are like your dad’s work dress shoes if he worked for Don Draper’s advertising firm circa 1962. But they are amazingly stable. And over time they soften and conform to your foot. And like your dad’s Florsheims they will, if properly cared for, last for decades.

The Ecco GTX is a hefty investment at $450 a pair, but they’ll always be welcome at the best clubs.

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