Dreaming of Bandon

Sabold’s new photography book “Bandon Dunes – Golf As It Was Meant To Be”

Wood Sabold and Bandon Dunes

Golf fans have enjoyed Wood Sabold’s images of Bandon Dunes ever since construction of David McLay Kidd’s original course began there in 1997.

The resort’s official photographer, Sabold is a former landscape architect who lives in Bandon and contributes his stunning landscape photos to countless titles around the world. I had the great pleasure of playing the Par 3 Preserve and walking the property’s four other courses with him last year, listening as he explained why the people of Bandon Dunes, and the place itself are so special to him.

I was so moved by his devotion to the links and the designers that created them, I purchased a 16”x20” color print of the 6th hole on Bandon Dunes, a shot Sabold believes he took in 2001, maybe 2002, as flags on the greens of the 10th and 11th holes of neighboring Pacific Dunes (which opened in July 2001) are clearly visible.

The image says Bandon Dunes so succinctly, it’s the first you see when you visit bandondunesgolf.com, and it’s a view I’ve never forgotten since my first trip there 12 years ago.

The cost of the print got me in a fair amount of trouble back home. But it was worth it. I’ve not hung it up because I don’t want my wife to see it every day and be reminded of my decision to forsake the family spending plan. So I sneak a peek every so often to remind myself of this corner of heaven.

Much as I love that print, it does show only one small section of the property and only one and two-thirds holes. There are 84 other holes at Bandon equally as invigorating – 83 actually, because I’ve never much cared for the uphill Par 5 16th on Bandon Trails, which invariably chews me up and leaves me exhausted.

Recently, however, a photography book came out that answers the prayers of all Bandonistas who, like me, need a little therapy every now and again.

Bandon Dunes – Golf As It Was Meant To Be has a Sabold image of every breathtaking, awe-inspiring, memory-evoking hole at Bandon Dunes, and includes an introduction from Ben Crenshaw, who co-designed Bandon Trails and Bandon Preserve with Bill Coore; a preface from owner Mike Keiser; and the story of each course from Stephen Goodwin, who literally wrote the book on Bandon Dunes—Dream Golf, first published in 2006.

On the very last page, there’s a diagram showing a 1995 routing of Kidd’s eponymous Bandon Dunes, then known as Mackenzie National. It’s fascinating to see how differently the course, and the front nine in particular, turned out.

I’m old enough not to need a flashlight to read my copy (early Christmas present) under the covers every night. But a child reading the latest adventures of Harry Potter, the Wimpy Kid or Reynie Muldoon could not be any more excited.

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