The Clubhead Speed Drill from GOLFTEC

Patrick Nuber shows you a great drill to increase your clubhead speed and distance in all facets of your game. So... grab an alignment stick & get to work!

 clubhead speed drill from golftec

Swing faster and add distance to your game with this drill you can do anywhere!

When it comes to booming long, towering drives from the tee, the slow and steady turtle doesn’t beat the sprinting hare this time.

Because sheer clubhead speed – the rate at which your club contacts the ball – is king of the beastly 300-yard hill.

Of course, the right combination of clubhead speed and technique is really what leads to the holy grail of distance and accuracy. But the element of speed itself can’t be ignored, so we’re here with a drill to help.

As Patrick Nuber illustrates in the video below, practicing with a golf alignment stick can help develop a better feel for the proper “whipping” action needed to max out your long ball.

While many drills on the GOLFTEC Scramble encourage a slow, controlled movement before going full bore, this one tips the scale in the opposite manner!

But that’s not to say the Clubhead Speed Drll doesn’t also promote proper technique. Because Nuber explains specific keys to unlock those long, solid tee shots from a combination of speed and technical cues to help you get there.

Without further adieu, enjoy the Clubhead Speed Drill and use it to gain more distance on your tee shots!

Key points of which to take note:

  • Keep the alignment rod about a foot off the ground
  • Swing through impact and followthrough as fast as possible
  • Don’t break your wrists
  • Listen to the volume and pitch of the “whoosh”
  • Bring the stick back to impact position as fast as possible

The Clubhead Speed Drill from GOLFTEC

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