Ride Comfortably and In Style with the New 2020 Mercedes Benz A220

Mercedes Benz A220

By Isaac Bouchard There was a time when neither Mercedes nor BMW would contemplate importing their smaller, front wheel drive-based vehicles to these shores. But the surging popularity of crossovers and SUVs, combined with drastically sliding sedan sales, has induced them both to do so, if only in an effort to better scale production costs … Read more

Climb Inside the 2020 Subaru Legacy XT and Get Ready to Be Impressed

Subaru Legacy Interior 2

By Isaac Bouchard Many of us shiver at the memory of those middle school dances we endured decades ago: the nervousness and excitement, how chagrined we were after being turned down when we finally struck up the guts to ask the person we were sweet on to hit the floor. The Subaru Legacy is like that wallflower who few initially think to ask, yet is turns out … Read more

The Battle for the Best Crossover: 2020 BMW X2 M35i vs. Volvo V60 T5

2020 BMW X2 M35i

Crossovers evolved from sport utility vehicles, becoming more carlike in the process. Wagons have been moving in the opposite direction, as first Subaru, and then Audi and Volvo jacked them up to give them the kind of ground clearance necessary to reach trailhead and buyers’ hearts alike. This whole “meet in the middle” trend can … Read more