2013 Infiniti JX35

By Isaac Bouchard Exploiting a market niche unfilled by competitors such as BMW and Lexus, Infiniti brings the JX35, a true seven-passenger crossover, to market ahead of rivals. Fluidic forms and lots of sweeping chrome hide this rig’s true size and give it the upmarket pizzazz necessary to differentiate it from its less expensive platform-mate, … Read more

2013 Mazda3

By Isaac Bouchard The Mazda 3 has been the best driving small car on sale in America almost since its introduction. Adding Skyactiv fuel-savings tech to it also made it one of the most frugal. But competition never sleeps, and the Mazda is now beginning to show its age. To address this, some recent updates … Read more

Bluetooth Audio

By Isaac Bouchard Many manufacturers have begun to offer wireless Bluetooth streaming of music from playback devices like iPods and smartphones to car audio systems. As a lifelong audiophile and early convert to the fast-growing field of home computer audio, where high-resolution music files are converted by dedicated, outboard digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and special software … Read more

2013 Ford Explorer Sport

By Isaac Bouchard Ford’s incredibly successful Explorer has just received the kind of upgrade that gets enthusiasts salivating: the addition of the awesome twin-turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6. Here it produces 365hp and 350lb-ft, enabling the Sport to hit sixty in under six seconds. Expectations for some type of Jeep SRT-baiting, racetrack ready crossover are dashed … Read more

2013 Volkswagen Eos

By Isaac Bouchard The Eos hardtop convertible has never sold in great numbers in the United States, and to understand why—and also to appreciate all its great attributes—it is helpful to examine it from the European perspective. For this is one VW that really seems designed to best serve on the Continent, not here.To start … Read more

2013 Ford Flex AWD

By Isaac Bouchard Based on the same platform that underpins the incredibly successful—but more mainstream—Explorer, the Ford Flex greets the world with audacious, Midcentury Modern lines that have been enhanced for 2013 with more interesting lighting graphics and fascias that enhance its visual daring. Other changes for the new model year include the integration of … Read more

Flex Ed

How to stay strong and flexible while traveling. By Grant Pettegrew Taking your golf game on the road not only means playing new courses. It often means long spells in planes and cars, changes in routine, strange beds and limited access to fitness equipment—all of which can throw you off your game. These simple in-room … Read more

Do This, Not That

Avoid these errors for your best golf workout. Colorado Avid Golfer 1.    DO Free Weights vs. NOT Machines Skip over those fancy new machines and head straight over to the dumbbell and barbell rack. Machines isolate individual muscles while allowing you to sit and relax your stabilizing muscles. When do you use only 1 muscle … Read more

15th Club – Joint Venture

By Neil Wolkodoff, PhD & James Ferrari, MD As the golf season wears on, you might have noticed that your hip, knee or shoulder has been achy and downright painful after every round. Nothing in the medicine cabinet seems to help. Is it time to consider an artificial joint? Are there alternatives? Joint replacements started … Read more

2013 Audi A8L

By Isaac Bouchard The Audi A8L has long been a credible rival to the more established German luxury liners. With the raft of revisions for 2013, Audi’s flagship sedan may finally have their complete measure. This is especially interesting in that the test car was powered by a six-cylinder engine, not the new, more powerful … Read more