2014 Toyota Corolla ECO

Isaac Bouchard How far do you want—or need—to go on a gallon? That is the main determinant for selecting the new Toyota Corolla Eco. Other models in the lineup are sportier looking or priced for less; this fuel sipper offers up terrific EPA ratings and good real-world numbers to go along with typical Toyota virtues. … Read more

2014 Chrysler 300C AWD

Isaac Bouchard The rebirth of the large American sedan can be traced to the 2005 Chrysler 300. Its stunning look and overall goodness helped revitalize the class. The first major redesign (done on the same chassis) took place in 2011, and was released into a much more competitive environment. Initially, many thought it too conservative … Read more

2014 RAM 2500 Heavy Duties

Isaac Bouchard Chrysler Group recently created a separate truck division, focused around the Ram pickups. These now donate their name to the new marketing channel, while also continuing to gain market share on the best-selling Ford haulers. Exposure to two versions of the 2500 gives us insight into where the company is, and wants to … Read more

2014 Toyota Venza

Isaac Bouchard The Venza presents an interesting case for how a true “crossover” vehicle can succeed—or not—in the market. It is also an fascinating contrast to the incredibly successful Highlander (tested here), with which it shares much of its mechanicals. The Venza was one of the first vehicles whose styling, engineering and production was overseen … Read more

2014 Audi SQ5

Isaac Bouchard The Q5 has been a huge success for Audi, and helped define what a crossover should be, balancing as it does a roomy, practical interior of exceptionally high quality and good taste with compact exterior dimensions and decent dynamics. The new SQ5 takes all those ingredients and adds a dash of dynamic flair … Read more

2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Isaac Bouchard Astonishing that it’s really been a quarter century since the MX-5 came out. I can remember voraciously devouring every car magazine article on the Miata back in 1989, though my college budget didn’t permit the idea of a $13,800 new car right then. But a few years later I had ordered my very … Read more

2014 BMW M235i

Isaac Bouchard As BMW continues its relentless march towards dominance in an ever expanding number of product niches (X1, 3, 4, 5, 6-model crossovers, i3 and 8-branded EVs) and sub-niches (328GT, 435 Gran Coupe, etc), the new M Performance lineup, starting with the M235i, brings us back towards the haloed “Ultimate Driving Machine” moniker the … Read more

2014 BMW i3

Isaac Bouchard The Brave New World is fully upon us—and you’ll know so when you climb inside the i3, BMW’s first electric vehicle (EV), and a contender for most radical ride of 2014. The body should have prepared you for what’s to come; unlike Tesla, which went conventional for the Model S, BMW decided to … Read more

2014 Dodge Journey

Isaac Bouchard Dodge’s darkest days appear to be well behind; no longer are its talented engineers lorded over by ze Germans nor the short-term thinking bozos from Cerberus. Like the outgoing Chrysler 200, the Journey stands as a testament to the engineers’ ability in taking a cost cut, half-baked vehicle and turn it into one … Read more

2014 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited

Isaac Bouchard The new Highlander has been a hit for Toyota, and with it the company has moved back to the front of the ultra-competitive, large crossover segment. I first reported on it here after a short drive in California. A week with the Hybrid model has done nothing to undermine my initial conclusions, and … Read more