Carbon Putters: A Colorado Family Affair

Centennial’s Kurtenbach clan builds some sweet flat sticks.

Twenty-two companies from Colorado exhibited their products and services at this year's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. A few supply to the industry, providing the sorts of things you and I might not think are terribly cool—or, in fact, might not ever see—but that someone, somewhere couldn't do without.

Others manufacture products we use every weekend—products that enhance our practice time, help us look a little sharper or even use to put the ball in the hole.

The most compelling of them was the line of putters made by Centennial-based Carbon Putters, a small, family-run company currently with four models on its product list with four more on the way.

Holliday Model

Carbon Putters was founded a little over two years ago by the Kurtenbach Family—mom Terri, and her three sons: James (35) and twins Dan and Dave (26).

“My brothers and I all played competitive golf through the Colorado Junior Golf Association and continue to play competitively as amateurs,” says Dave. “James earned a scholarship to Colorado State University, where he played alongside roommate (and current PGA Tour player) Martin Laird.” The three boys consider South Suburban their home course.

Terri was a CPA who did the books for James after he graduated from CSU with a degree in marketing and set up two successful web sites— and

The Kid

“Mom was always amazed at how much some people would spend to customize their putters,” says Dave. “When she decided to sell her CPA practice in 2013, she thought it would be fun to start up a new putter company with her three sons.”

Everyone, er, chips in. All three boys have a say in the design of the putters. James sees to the website, marketing, and PR; Dan does the computer-aided design and manufacturing, as well as the machining; and Dave builds, paints, and finishes each club. Terri, the CFO, also looks after customer service. “She really does anything and everything a small company-owner needs to do,” says Dave.

Ringo ¼

The four models the company currently offers are named after gunslingers—Holliday, The Kid, Ringo and Ringo ¼ (a more face-balanced version with less toe hang that was named's 2015 “Most Wanted Blade Putter”).

All are heel/toe-weighted designs with a sleek obsidian finish, and priced at $290.


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