Can You Hit a “Thriver”?

Wishon Golf’s New, Small-Headed 919F/D May Be the Answer to Your Prayers

If you’re a contrarian like my dad was—Bob Sr. was always betting his stock market picks would go the opposite way that his advisors would dictate—you’re going to appreciate the latest innovation from Tom Wishon Golf Technology, the Durango-based designer and builder of high performance golf clubs.

Wishon, who once crafted clubheads for companies like Dynacraft, Golfsmith, Snake Eyes, Lynx, and Harvey Penick, has brought out a new concept in driver design that defies the common belief that bigger is better. Instead of pushing massive, 450-460cc driver heads onto golfers who, by and large, can’t keep their tee balls on the short grass, he is going small—really small.

It’s called the 919F/D Driver, which Wishon will tell you is a “thriver”—a smaller headed driving club that delivers 3-wood control off the tee plus the ability to swing it from the fairway. It comes with 11 degrees or 14 degrees of loft, and is purposely built with a 3-wood length shaft—43 to 43.5 inches—that Wishon says it key to maintaining control and enhance accuracy.

“The 919F/D is a fairway driver that gives golfers more control on tight par-fours and fives, especially for players who tend to spray their driver,” says Wishon. “Consider it a small-head driver or a large-sized 3-wood. It’s designed with a thin, high-strength COR face that’s offers the great performance of larger, titanium-headed drivers.”

Adding to the mix is another Wishon innovation: the first-ever bendable stainless steel alloy hosel, which allows golfers to be fitted with a clubhead lie angle and face angle within a plus or minus 4-degree range.

“Clubfitters can actually bend the club, giving a much higher range of fitting needs and options,” says Wishon. “The 919F/D can be used on any hole, especially if you’re a golfer who struggles with the driver.”

If you’re looking for titanium in the new “thriver,” don’t bother. Wishon crafted the high-performance head without the expensive metal, which makes it more affordable to the masses. For information about the 919F/D Driver ($200 retail) or to find a Wishon-approved independent clubfitter, call (800) 470-0072 or go online to


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