ARCCOS Lets You Track Your Game Like a Pro

ARCCOS Golf takes its name from a trigonometry function. It draws its inspiration from the PGA TOUR.

The PGA TOUR quantifies players’ games in every statistic—driving distance, greens in regulation, number of putts, etc.—as well as exactly how far a player hits each club.

The ingenious ARCCOS iPhone accessory makes all this data available to amateur golfers with little involvement from them.

“When you’re out golfing you’re out golfing; you’re not collecting data,” says co-founder Sal Syed. “We created an automatic shot detection system that gets completely out of your way.”

True enough. ARCCOS comes with 14 disc-shaped sensors that screw into the hole at the butt end of each club’s grip. A push of the button pairs the club with the iPhone app via a low-power Bluetooth connection. You do this once and you’ll know exactly how far you hit every shot in every round.

There’s nothing at all intrusive about the sensors, which, together with GPS for more than 16,000 courses, utilize a built-in accelerometer to measure the distance of every shot. Syed and fellow co-founder Ammad Faisal even programmed ARCCOS to distinguish practice swings from actual ones.  

It offers the player comprehensive data—such as club averages, longest drive of the day, as well as the number of greens in regulation, sand saves and putts. In short, you can get virtually every analytic available to PGA Tour pros—all in real time.

ARCCOS is so accurate, even Fed Ex Cup champion Billy Horschel uses and endorses it.

“Using statistics to understand my game has been a real key to my success,” says Horschel, who recently signed on as brand ambassador. “ARCCOS is helping me take that knowledge to a whole new level. It’s super easy to use and instantly provides data for every shot I hit during my practice rounds. Post round, it helps me analyze my performance like I’ve never before been able to do.”

For amateurs, this information is invaluable. “You’ll know what your strengths and weaknesses are, how far you hit each club, and what you should be working on to improve your game,” says Faisal. “That’s important because the only current metric most by which most golfers measure themselves is their score.” 

ARCCOS, which was developed as part of Callaway Golf’s open innovation project, is currently unavailable on Android operating systems. It’s compatible with iPhones 4 and up. It’s available for $399 at all major golf retailers or online at The company pays users $25 for each friend they refer.


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