A Stronger Tilt at the Finish Makes for More Solid Shots

Try this three-step drill

You’ve seen the “comma” position that tour professionals have at the end of a swing. Achieving this correctly tilted position at the finish of your swing can help the average golfer overcome two significant problems.

First, it will improve your club’s path to the target line, correcting the tendency to come up and pull your shots to the left.

Second, it will help you ensure that you are consistently striking the ball at the low point in your swing arc, improving your contact and reducing “tops”.

This video shows a simple three-step drill that will help you find and feel that important tilted position.

STEP ONE: Hold your finish of a normal swing.

STEP TWO: Then tilt your head to the right as if laying it on a pillow.

STEP THREE: Lower your trailing heel until it is just off the ground.

Repeat these steps until you can comfortably integrate them as a single movement. The result is a correctly tilted finish position that will help you make better contact and continue your swing path down the target line for solid, accurate shots.

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