7 Pre-Golf Warmup Exercises

Dillon Johnson of Boulder’s RallySport has helped us to become golf strong, add balance to our training, and implement an off-season golf training program.

Now, he’s back with seven helpful pre-golf exercises to warm up your muscles and joints to help you have your best round possible. As he mentions, these are meant to be used prior to hitting your range balls and you should focus on getting your body ready from the ground up.

Johnson demonstrates and teaches these seven pre-round exercises intended to increase rotation and flexibility:

  1. On and Off The Horse – Standing upright, lift your knee high towards your chin and rotate as if getting on or off a horse.
  2. Hands Behind Head Slow Golf Turns – With your hands and elbows back behind your head, get in a golf position and slowly rotate in a swinging motion. Keep your hips still and steadily repeat.
  3. Hands Behind Head Slow Deadlift – Again with your hands and elbows back, keep your back flat and legs straight (but not locked) and bring your chest to your knees until you feel the stretch in your hamstrings and back. Do not round your spine. Stand upright and repeat.
  4. Front Lunge Position Golf Rotations – In a lunge stance with one leg forward, take your arms straight out to your side like an airplane. Rotate connecting your hand to your knee and allow your other arm to rotate back behind you.
  5. Side Lunge Position Golf Rotations – Similar to the above, but with your legs spread out to your sides, rotate towards your front leg as your other arm rotates behind you.
  6. Club Up Overs – Take a golf club with one palm facing up and one palm facing down. Rotate the club so your hands switch rotations and return.
  7. Shoulder Rotator Cuff Activator – Holding the golf club in the center of the shaft, take the club directly to the side at shoulder height. Rotate your arm and hand forward and then backwards.

Repeat each exercise for 8-10 repetitions per side. You’ll not only increase your range of motion, balance and power but you’ll also decrease your chances of injuries, stiffness and irritation.

Co-Owner of RallySport in Boulder, Dillon Johnson is Level 3 & Juniors Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and Certified by the Personal Training Academy Global ([email protected]; 303-928-9007). Phase 3: Power & Club Head Speed Development will appear in an upcoming issue.


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