5 Ways to Get a Jump on the Season

You can improve when it’s too cold to play

1. Take a Lesson
Now is the best time of year to take a lesson. Learning a new motion requires time and repetition to make the change permanent. Find a qualified PGA Professional to help to identify your priorities for improvement.

2. Improve your body
Whether it’s a lack of flexibility, weak core muscles or a nagging injury, golfers often have physical limitations that get in the way of swing improvement. A fitness professional who focuses on golf can help you to eliminate the limitations and improve your body for the upcoming golf season.

3. Putt
When the weather is cold, focus on improving your putting. You need a putting mat, your putter and a few golf balls. Don’t just putt. Focus on improving. Check your setup. Make sure that your forearms and shoulders are square and that your eyes are either over the target line or just inside the target line. You can work on your stroke by improving your path or on making solid contact.

4. Swing Every day
Making changes to your golf swing takes time and repetition. You don’t need golf balls to improve. Make practice swing every day at home focusing on the new motion. If you have a fulllength mirror, swing in front of it. Seeing and feeling the swing at the same time can accelerate the learning process.

5. Practice in Your Mind
The brain doesn’t know the difference between visualization and reality. Can’t get out to practice or play? Play a round in your mind. Picture yourself playing your favorite golf course. Visualize every tee shot going down the middle, every approach shot finding the green and every putt going in the hole. You can also visualize your swing. Picture yourself making that new move or motion you are working on with your instructor.


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Master PGA Professional Ed Oldham is the Colorado PGA Section 2013 Teacher of the Year and owner of Ed Oldham Golf Instruction at The Ranch Country Club in Westminster (303-466-2111; [email protected]).