4 Lower Body Exercises for Your Golf Game

Lower body exercises for golfers
Dillon Johnson continues his series on off-season golf training with lower body exercises for golfers.


If you need to be convinced that increasing your strength for golf is not just for smashing 330-yard drives in the U.S. Open but also getting through next summer’s Saturday morning weekly group pain-free, then you haven’t been reading much here. In fact, we devote an entire issue to health and fitness.

As many instructional tips focus on starting from the ground up, so do these exercises from our golf fitness guru Dillon Johnson. Building lower body strength is a key to not only maximizing your clubhead speed (and distance) but building a solid and repeatable swing.

Check out the video below and learn how Johnson teaches you to take advantage of your golf offseason with the following moves:

  1. Single Leg ‘ Get Up’
  2. Loaded Squat
  3. Leg Raise with Swiss Ball
  4. Lunge with Back Swing

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Co-Owner of RallySport in Boulder, Dillon Johnson is Level 3 & Juniors Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and Certified by the Personal Training Academy Global ([email protected]; 303-928-9007). Phase 3: Power & Club Head Speed Development will appear in an upcoming issue.

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