GOLFTEC: Find the Right Putter Style for Your Stroke

By Erin Menath All too often I have clients that come in for a putting lesson struggling with their consistency on the greens. They tend to miss putts all over the place and believe it’s their stroke which is to blame – which, don’t get me wrong, it most often is. But, sometimes, it’s actually the … Read more

The Inn at Entrada–Discover the Wonders of Southern Utah



Plan the perfect getaway to The Inn at Entrada, your luxury casita vacation resort to experience the wonders of southern Utah. Enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, an award-winning golf course, pickleball, spa packages, and activities for the entire family.

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2018 Nissan Rogue & Rogue Sport Reviews


Nissan has been brilliant at anticipating the shift to crossovers in the market and has great breadth to its offerings, across almost all classes and price points. The Rogue and slightly smaller Rogue Sport fit very well into this range, and aside from their lackluster engines, are quite competitive.

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