10 Awesome Golf Course Images from Golfers Around The World

A Roundup of Images Taken by Avid Golfers

1. Surprise on The 14th Hole


2. Someone’s “Favorite Place To Be”



3. Golfer: “I got married a couple weeks ago, my present? Arcadia Bluffs”

4. New Meaning To The Term “Sinking Putts”


5. The 18th at Pebble Beach


6. Somewhere Over…The Course


7. A Little Fog in Sydney

It was a little foggy in Sydney this morning.

8. “There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Only Inappropriate Clothing”

9. A Sunny Austrian Golf Course


10. Tough Approach in Wyoming


10 Awesome Golf Course Images from Golfers Around The World – The game of golf is both beautiful and grueling. Among other aspects, the grueling part of part is perfecting your game, strategizing, and mastering the hazards that surround you at every turn, but the challenges of golf never seem to outweigh the beauty of it. The beautiful part of golf is a list that could go on forever, but today I’m focusing on the visual aspect–the course. The natural beauty of a golf course, combined with the golf course design is one of my favorite things about golf–there’s something incredibly cathartic about the course that can’t aptly be understood unless you’ve experienced it as an avid golfer.

We took some time to gather golf course images taken by golfers from accross the web, and compiled them right here (above). We hope you enjoy these images, and maybe even find some peace from the beauty they convey. Enjoy!

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